Monday, December 19, 2011

Rock, Metal and Neo-Classical brands

I am starting with these genres because what I know most about and focus a lot of my work around. Now guitar is played in two different ways, rhythm and lead guitar. But unlike other more mellow styles of music, rhythm and lead vary greatly with the way that they are played and the techniques used in these genres.

  A good description of the way a lot of rhythm guitar is played is that it is played aggressively. By this I mean that it uses a lot of heavy “chugging” of power chords, bard chords, and pedal tones. Now for this chugging to sound the best and at its fullest you will need a lot of distortion, great tone and dense wood for thicker and warmer sound.

  Now playing this kind lead guitar is a bit different then playing rhythm. Instead of fast paced chugging of chords, pedal tones and whatnot, you will be doing a lot of tapping, sweep picking, hammer-on, pull-off, tremolo picking, alternate picking and much more. The techniques are called leads; they are used to create solos and licks to throw into a riff.

  Now I’m not saying that you cannot play rhythm and lead on the same guitar because that is definitely not true but it is good to have two different guitars with different specs for each.

Now for the good part, the brands! For these genre’s you want a guitar with gritty tone, amazing distortion, sleek body, very dense wood and of course you need the bad ass paint job! The best brands for this you say? Well let’s start off with the ones I prefer for faster shredding styles!

Schecter, Ibanez, Hamer, Jackson, Charvel, Kramer, Esp, Halo Custom Shop and Peavey

 All of the brands listed above are great fast playing brands that are built with shredding in mind and I recommend all of them to anyone just thinking about playing lead!

Now for the chuggin rhythm players out there…

B.C Rich, Dean, Fender, Gibson, Esp, and DBZ

Please remember that the list is just a starting point and my recommendation of what you should try based on rhythm or lead playing and that there are so many more brands out there then these! Remember, this is just the very basics for a beginner!

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